How buy-back Works


Buy-Back is NOT a pawn or a loan.
This is a extended purchase also known as The Buy Back Program.
There are no finance or interest charges connected with this program.
All Buy Back transactions are considered sales.
This program gives customer the first right to buy back their property.

Buy-Back Rules and Fees:

Must be 18 years of age with proper I.D.
Item can only be picked up by the original signer with proper I.D. no exceptions.
If item is paid off and the items have not been recovered by owner the original storage fees will continue until storage fees reach the wholesale value of item. Therefore property will be forfeited to Stop-N-Pawn as payment.
Due to high demand in cash if item’s are not purchased on or before the Buy Back date Stop-N-Pawn will be the owner of all and any property purchased at time of sale.

Set up fees:
$10 fee for Items < $100
$15 fee for Item from $101 to $300
$20 fee for Item from $301 to $500
$25 fee for Item from $501 to $701
$30 fee for Item from $751 to $1000
$35 fee for Item over $1000

For every $100 there is a $.75 storage fee for every day starting the same day.
You can choose as many days as you want to have a right to buy the item back.

All items are stored in our secure, insured facility until you are ready to pick them up.